In 5 weeks you will become acquainted with the basic skills of acting. Improvising, playing with text, acting physically: all aspects of play are covered. This way you can taste theater lessons within a few weeks. Curious about whether theater plays are something for you? Then this orientation course is for you!

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Every lesson starts with a warm-up, in which you do theatrical exercises in the field of movement, voice and use of space. Each lesson focuses on a different element of acting. In this way you become acquainted with the various disciplines of acting

Orientation is accessible to anyone who wants to become acquainted with theater plays in a low-threshold but good quality way.

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cursus  Orientation in English
cursusdata  09-09-2019 - 07-10-2019
lestijd  Monday 20:30-22:30 hours
aantal lessen  5
docent(en)  Amanda Wolzak
locatie  In the Koorenhuis, (Prins27), Prinsegracht 27, Den Haag
let op  
  • Do you have any questions or do you need help with you subscribtion, please contact us:
  • OOIEVAARSPAS: free, get your card registered before the 1st lesson at the office.
  • Paying in installments is NOT possible.
  • normaal tarief:  €99,00 inclusief 21% BTW
  • met ooievaarspas:  gratis inclusief 21% BTW
  • met studentenkorting:  €99,00 inclusief 21% BTW
bijzonderheden  Clothingadvice: Wear comfortable clothing in wich you can move freely. The preference is bare feet, but socks or shoes that do now slip are allowed.

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